Weather Emergency Procedures

Weather Emergency Procedures
Posted on 11/07/2014
As residents of Wisconsin, we all recognize the need to make special preparations for the safety and welfare of students in the event severe weather conditions develop. School personnel will attempt to take every precaution in planning for the well being of your children.

In planning for unusual weather condition, your assistance will be appreciated. When it appears that severe weather conditions are developing, please:

1. Listen to area radio and TV stations for early announcements regarding the possible closings of schools. The announcements will be made periodically starting about 6:00am over the following local radio/TV stations.

WTMJ  620
WOKY  920
WISN  1130
The Lake 94.5
WRIT 95.7
WKLH  96.5
WLTQ  97.3
WJMR 98.3
WMYX  99.1
WKKV 100.7
WLUM 102.1
HOG  102.9
WXSS  103.7
WMIL  106.1
WNRG 106.9


2. Make arrangements as to where your children should report if you would not be home in the event that classes are dismissed early. A decision to dismiss early will only be made on those rare occasions when dismissing at the regular time will result in our inability to get large groups of students home safely. In such instances, radio stations will be asked to make early announcement of the time of dismissal.

On those few winter days when a decision is made to conduct classes as usual but as a parent or guardian you believe it is in the best interest and safety of your child to remain at home, we encourage you to make that personal decision. You know your child and your situation better than we do and should act accordingly.

The intent of the District is to offer a regular program of classes on every school day. On those few days when this is not possible, your planning, cooperation, and patience will be greatly appreciated.