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SHARED JOURNEYS is located in West Allis and is an instrumentality charter school of the West Allis/West Milwaukee School District, serving pregnant and parenting teens. 

This high school charter provides a menu of educational as well as outreach and community support options to best meet the unique needs of each individual student. Students are educated both in parenting and academics with potential coursework including: Child Development I and II, Career Investigations, and Social Aspects of Society I and II, Prenatal Coursework, Literacy Investigations, Power Hour, Independent Study, Cooperative Education Employment as well as Compass Learning for online general studies. All the courses can be taken in a blended educational setting.

At Shared Journeys, the belief is that all students must be prepared to positively parent their own child(ren) and achieve post-secondary training in a chosen career. This supports success in the 21st Century.

Our Educational Model

Students, parents, community and staff work together to provide the best learning environment for each individual student. This helps to ensure academic and overall personal success.

Our Classes

  • Child Development and Applied Parenting I
  • Child Development and Applied Parenting II
  • Prenatal Development
  • Career Investigations and Social Aspects of Society I
  • Career Investigations and Social Aspects of Society II
  • Cooperative Education and Work Experience
  • Compass Learning
  • Independent Study
  • Literacy Investigations I
  • Literacy Investigations II
  • Power Hour
  • Independent Study

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