WI Department of Public Instruction School Report Card

WI Department of Public Instruction School Report Card
Posted on 09/16/2014
Shared Journeys School Report Card

Once again the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has released a School Report Card for every school in Wisconsin as part of an accountability plan required under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  The School Report Card provides information on where the students in a school are performing.  The data is also used to make adjustments and improvement in the individual student learning process within our schools. We are proud of our students’ performance and the achievement growth they have demonstrated again this year!!

In West Allis-West Milwaukee for 2013-2014
9 Schools Ranked Exceeded All Expectations
6 Schools Ranked Met All Expectations
1 Met Few of the Expectations (due to absenteeism indicators not reflected in the achievement scores)
2 Alternate Accountability - Satisfactory Progress
West Allis-West Milwaukee School District Met All Expectations

​The District Report Card is calculated by taking individual student scores from every school and calculating a District-Wide score. In other words, the District Report Card treats the District as if it were “one big school” reflecting the total of all students. With 94.4% of our schools exceeding or meeting all expectations, the School District of West Allis-West Milwaukee is ranked as Meeting All Expectations.

​The report card ratings are based on an overall accountability score on a 100-point scale.  Each school has the opportunity to accumulate accountability points based on their individual student performance in the following four priority areas:
  • Student Achievement proficiency in reading and mathematics on state assessments
  • Student Growth measured by year-to-year improvements in achievement
  • Closing Gaps in performance between specific student groups (comparing English language learners, low-income students, students with disabilities, and members of a racial or an ethnic group with their peers)
  • On-Track and Postsecondary Readiness is a measurement using reliable predictors of high school graduation and potential post high school success

Additionally, schools can lose earned achievement accountability points by not reaching expectations in identified areas of student engagement such as attendance, graduation scores, test participation rates, chronic absenteeism rates, and dropout rates when applicable.

We are looking forward to another successful school year. Please do not hesitate to contact the school principal with further questions.