Career Research Websites

WI Career Pathways

By setting up an account, students are driven to the Student Interest Survey for CareerClusters®. After completing the survey, students land in a secure portal called MiLocker. Here, a customized summary, named MiClusters, lists the 16 Career Clusters® in rank order based on survey results. From the MiClusters listing, students can explore the 16 Career Clusters® and drill down into career pathways. From the career pathways webpages,students can explore: majors/programs of Wisconsin's higher education sectors; an ample amount of specific career information; programs of study from their high schools. Click here for website

Skill Explorer

Skill Explorer helps students identify transferable skills, career pathway opportunities, and training needs for occupations they are interested in pursuing. Click here for website 

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Find careers that relate to your interests and learn fun facts about the economy and jobs. Click here for website

Career Locker

CareerLocker is a career development website designed to help students become aware of themselves and explore how their unique patterns of interests, skills and values can be applied in their careerClick here for website

Career Awareness- Career assessments to encourage self-discovery and awareness. Individual e-lockers for each student to create and maintain a portfolio.
Career Exploration- 1,100+ occupations to explore, 3,400+ schools with links to school websites and applications, 800+ programs of study with recommended course work.
Career Preparation- Database of over 110,000+ Wisconsin employers for job exploration. Resume and Cover Letter programs to build job-seeking skills. Budget Builder program to help develop financial planning skills.  Direct links to job postings from individual occupations. 

Students can access their personal CareerLocker account with their assigned username and password.
Username: full first name and last name (no spaces)
Password: 5 digit school ID #

Individual Learning Plan/Eportfolio- A working document started when students enter intermediate school. An electronic resume to document students career assessments, career exploration, and future planning.  A tool for students to keep track of all clubs, sports, organizations, projects, volunteerism in which they participate in. Can be use to support scholarship and college applications.