Our Staff

Mrs. Colla - Dean / Program Facilitator / Lead Teacher

Email collal@wawmsd.org
Phone (414) 604-4291

 Mrs. Colla has dedicated her career to helping students achieve personal and academic success. Mrs. Colla has taught in the West Allis/West Milwaukee School District since 1989.  She has taught grades 1, 2, 3 and high school.  In addition, she has been a reading teacher working with students at a variety of levels and in multiple settings.  Moreover, she is the founder and director of the Morgan Grove Family Center.  She has served on numerous committees and in leadership roles both at the district level as well as within the community.  Among her accomplishments she was a Kohl Fellowship Award recipient and Crystal Apple Grant and Award recipient.  She holds a B.S and M.S. in education, reading licensure and alternative education licensure. She enjoys spending time with her husband, four daughters, traveling, exercising and reading.

Joan Delaney - Consultant

Email delajo@wawmsd.org

For the past 40 + years, Joan Delaney has worked with West Allis-West Milwaukee students and parents in the role as  teacher, principal, coordinator and consultant, promoting opportunities for student success. As educator, parent and grandparent, Mrs. Delaney is committed to seeing that learning barriers to teen and expectant parents are minimized and learning opportunities are maximized. Mrs. Delaney feels privileged to work with Mrs. Colla and the students and parents of Shared Journeys Charter school  to ensure that all students have access to the tools and resources needed to achieve the Shared Journeys Mission: “To provide expectant and school age parents an opportunity to complete a high school education, encouraging strong parenting, healthy lifestyles and building post-secondary skills through supportive community and innovative learning environments.”

Maria Malvitz - Secretary / Infant Lab Manager

Email - malvitzm@wawmsd.org 

Phone - (414) 604-4293

Jessica Hogan - Academic Tutor

Email - hoganj@wawmsd.org 

Phone - (414) 604-4292

Jenny Szalacinski - Child Care Provider

Email - szalacinskij@wawmsd.org 

Phone - (414) 604-4293

Kaylee Breska - Child Care Provider

Email - breskak@wawmsd.org 

Phone - (414) 604-4293